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The Execution of a Vision

Community Collaborative Launches!

Today we launch a community-wide collaborative platform and repository for the chronic illness community on Discord via our sister project, the National Pain Advocacy Access Clinic. We developed servers on the platform that contain multiple text and voice/video channels where members can post or retrieve information, collaborate on community projects or find support from fellow members. This project is owned and operated by members of the chronic illness community.

The Purpose of This Project

The purpose of this project is to bring the entire community together into one collaborative space from multiple social platforms where we can curate information on the health care crisis, share resources and brainstorm together to find solutions to the barriers we collectively face.

Our hope is that this can become a central hub and repository for individuals and advocacy groups to retrieve important information and resources that will help them in their endeavors on behalf of the community. If an advocacy group has a call to action or a community project that they would like to generate attention on, they can use this platform to make announcements. We recognize that there are many diverse advocacy groups and the purpose of this project is not to attempt to get these groups to absorb each other, but rather to partner and collaborate with each other if they want to. We have no interest in absorbing advocacy groups and feel that the diversity of groups within our community is actually essential to our community’s success over the long term.

We also need to be clear with the community that this platform is not a place where we want to import entire groups to conduct internal group business within the server using private channels. We would like to see advocacy groups continue to conduct their internal business within the forums they already use and we believe that this is how they would also want to continue their efforts. This platform can certainly be used for collaboration, but collaboration is not the same as assimilation. We are simply providing a resource to the community and other advocacy groups by helping the community build a central repository for information on the health care crisis. 

Community Expectations

Please check out the Community Expectations to discern whether you have interest in this type of a project. The vision for the project is clearly stated and we ask that you not attempt to request that we drastically change that vision. There are some simple but firm ground rules which are listed in the above document. If you feel the expectations are reasonable and you believe this kind of project will bring value to you and the community, then proceed to the following steps which explain how to access the platform in detail.

How to Create an Account

If you are interested in checking out this brand new collaborative repository, you will need to begin by creating a Discord account. Here is a short tutorial on how to create an account: How to Create a Discord Account

Go to this URL to create your account:

You can access the server using your browser or you can download the Discord application for your PC or Mobile device. For instructions on how to download the Discord App, we have  a short document that explains how to do that here.

Invite Link

This is where you can gain access to the NPAAC Community Library Server #1 (there will be more servers launching soon but for now, this invite is for Server #1):

You will want to copy and paste the above invite link after you have created and confirmed your account with Discord by opening Discord and clicking on the plus sign on the left hand navigation bar. A dialog box will appear asking you to either create a server or join a server, you will want to click on “Join a Server” and then paste the invite link into the link space. After you have accomplished that, the server should show up in the left hand navigation panel on Discord. 

Server Specific Tutorial

This is the Server Specific Discord Tutorial that our team created to help new members navigate the Discord platform. If the PowerPoint presentation file linked above takes too long to load on your machine, you can try viewing the PDF version here. It is a very in depth tutorial but it has an index of contents on the second slide with links to various lesson slides within the tutorial. It may take some time for you to feel completely confident in your ability to navigate the platform but just take it slow. It may be confusing at first for those who have never used a platform like this but it is actually rather intuitive once you get through the tutorial and have had a chance to test out its functionality.

There may be a short waiting period after you join the server before you can see all of the channels. We developed this as a private server to cut down on spam. The Administrators need to grant you the proper permission level before you will be able to view posts, post or view the channels contained in the server but we will always grant permissions as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about this platform or the project, please contact us. We hope you all enjoy the platform!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to our team for all of their hard work in developing and executing this vision and to Shasta Rayne for all of her hard work and dedication to this project!

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